Dai Suiko shū

the Dai Suiko shū 大 推古 宗 is a mixture of Bön religion and Shinbutsu-shūgō to honor the deceased emperor Daisuiko Shakyamuni, that called it Bön' and Daishinbutsu shū, 

 and keep his teaching alive.

The Laws we adhere

The rules written in the constitution of Tibet °°The corrected new Mahayana°° are the by the family of emperor Pn-3bw accepted rules for the Bön religion and all other schools of Buddhism, that is always Shamanism.

My ordination

The ordination of John Good(buono)man(boy), therefore perhaps a Bön'po, when he adheres the by us, the real Bönpos accepted rules for Buddhsm, that is always Shamanism is counting.

My job

To be judger, therefore staight in Bön religion, a Shaman and boss of a tibetan teachingschool of Buddhism, that is always Shamanism, like emperor Daisuiko judged it, is written and beeing part of family of emperor Pn-3bw, because of my familyname Bruno a real honor.